Basic Policy on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Basic Policy on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Queen Bee Capital Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) considers Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (hereinafter referred to as “Money Laundering etc.”) measurements to be one of the highest management priorities, and has established the following basic policy to address Money Laundering etc. measurements.

1.Basic Policy

In addition to various laws and regulations in Japan related to Money Laundering etc., the company has established an effective system to prevent Money Laundering etc. in light of international requests such as FATF, to continue making efforts to prevent Money Laundering etc.

2.Management System

In order to prevent Money Laundering etc., the company has formulated and implemented policies, verified and reviewed its effectiveness, and actively involved its management team. The company has appointed an officer to manage Money Laundering etc. and takes the following measures based on three lines of defense.

  • 1st line of defense Business operation department: Measurements related to prevent Money Laundering etc.
  • 2nd line of defense Risk management department: Restrain and support business operation department
  • 3rd line of defense Internal audit department: Verify company-wide effectiveness from an independent standpoint

3.Risk Assessment

Based on risk-based approach, the company independently identifies and assesses the risks related to Money Laundering etc., and effectively reduce the risks based on assessment results.

4.Customer Management

The company conducts appropriate transaction verification and identity verification for customers based on relevant laws and regulations. Moreover, the company records and manages continuous customer transaction and identity verification information, and strives to eliminate inappropriate transactions and relationships with sanctioned persons and anti-social forces.

5.Reporting Suspicious Transactions

The company monitors customer transaction information in a timely manner, swiftly reports any suspicious transactions to authorities, and periodically verifies the system for identifying suspicious transactions.

6.Maintaining and Training Officers and Employees

The company thrives to deepen knowledge and understanding through trainings and other methods, in order to equip its executives and employees with expertise and suitability in AML which is required for their roles.

7.Internal Audit

The company’s internal audit department conducts company-wide verification of effectiveness of its Anti-Money Laundering measurements from an independent standpoint, and makes continuous improvements based on the results.