PayForex Incoming Our Inbound Remittance Service

Our Inbound Remittance Service “PayForex Incoming

  • Unified management system of incoming remittance to Japan from overseas banks and fund transfer providers
  • The funds can be arrived in the same day, with fees lower than those required for bank-to-bank remittances
  • Our bi-directional API can be customized to link with your system quickly

From overseas to Japan : Funds can be sent to virtually any bank in Japan

PayForex Incoming is a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) inward remittance service that operates on bi-directional connections between foreign banks including fund transfer service providers and our PayForex system, which does not use the existing infrastructure for international bank-to-bank remittances.

As a result, the fees for the receiving bank are free of charge, and the time required for the funds to arrive at the beneficiary account is shorter.
Also, anti-money laundering (AML) measures on our system serve to authenticate the validity of the account to which money is being sent.
This reduces the risk of funds being returned to sender.

日本国内ほぼすべての銀行へ送金可能イメージ図 日本国内ほぼすべての銀行へ送金可能イメージ図


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