PayForex Shop Our Foreign Remittance Agency Service

Our Foreign Remittance Agency Service “PayForex Shop

  • Agency-style service supporting the installation and management of foreign remittance systems
  • Supporting retail stores and restaurants that cater primarily to foreign nationals living in Japan
  • System adoption is free; support for measures such as Know Your Customer (KYC) are provided in real time

Support businesses in adopting and operating foreign remittance systems

PayForex Shop is an agency service that supports businesses that serve primarily to foreign nationals residing in Japan by installing and managing foreign remittance systems.
If your business has an internet connection and a compatible device, you can easily install a system that can handle everything from opening PayForex accounts to sending money overseas.

Our dedicated supporting team will provide the best support for operations including verifying customer identity and managing personal information. This service allows business owners to launch foreign remittance services without any initial cost. It also enables customers (foreign nationals residing in Japan) to safely send money to overseas destinations such as their home country.

日本国内ほぼすべての銀行へ送金イメージ図 日本国内ほぼすべての銀行へ送金イメージ図

Companies Using Our Service

  • Grocery store catering to Nepali residents in Japan