Renewal of overseas remittance service PayForex website

This is a notice about website renewal of overseas remittance service PayForex, which is empowered by Queen Bee Capital Co., Ltd.

To provide a brand new experience for our core service, overseas remittance service PayForex, the renewal has renovated the design and structure of the website, aiming at delivering a more Easy To Read and Easy To Use experience to all users.

We have adopted a high visibility and sense of oneness design for each page, and also adopted a layout easy for users to read and check, which achieved optimization of both UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) for service design. It has greatly improved the convenience for users to access any information that they need.

We have newly added “Help Center” page for possible questions from customers who haven’t signed up yet. Before signing up, customer could find answers about questions or concerns they might have, and after successfully signing up, they could easily use our service with no extra stress.

We will continuously work on enhancing the convenience and operability of PayForex service, by not only improving user environment, but also deepening conversation with our customers. We are looking forward to your continued understanding and support.

Overseas remittance service PayForex